Hideki Motosuwa is a 18-19 year old student trying to get into a university. Living on tight money Hideki barely has enough money to buy food or certain essentials that you would need for your

Hideki Motosuwa

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Crispin Freeman


Tomokazu Sugita

daily life. Hideki can be described as a fish out of water, living in the country on a dairy farm his entire live. Going to school in the city is something very new to him. When first getting to his apartment in the city he meets a friend Hiromu Shinbo who has his own personal computer persocom Sumomo. One night when walking around Hideki came arcross what he thought was a normal human girl knocked out and wrapped up in bandages, lying on a pile of garbage. The girl turned out to be a chobit, the top Perscom there is, unfortunately. He takes her home, and upon activating her, finds that the only word she can utter is "Chi". Because of this, he gives her the name "Chi" (in the anime, "Chii") and takes her into his care, doing his best to protect and teach her. Despite his shortcomings and occasional moments of awkwardness in the bustling environment of Tokyo, Hideki is a genuinely kind and honest person, whose habit of thinking of others' well-being before his own can cause many problems. When a friend is in trouble, especially Chi, he is always there to help. Although many characters in the series often tease him for being a "nice guy", they turn to him for advice with their problems, knowing he will always hear them out and do his best to assist them.


Hideki is just like every other collage guy. He loves food and women. You can often hear him ranting about porn and loving porno sites. Thats not all that's on his mind though, he's really into passing school and getting into a universty. Hideki is a spastic young man he's a kind-hearted person too. He cares a lot about Chi and is often seen showing affection for her. The bad point of Hideki is he speaks out loud which confuses people a lot.


Hideki is fairly good-looking for his age. Tall with light tan skin and brown hair kept in a messy but suitable style. His clothing consists of normal everyday clothes made of just t-shirt,jackets and a pair of jeans with sneakers.